Beyond the Wood & Trees

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About Us

Business, Commerce & Partnership - Established by a British expatriate Chartered Management Consultant, qualified in commercial law and based near Perpignan in the Languedoc Roussillon. Over 20 years experience, working to provide management, business development and growth solutions to small and medium businesses.  Experience also includes raising a public/private venture capital fund for investment in high and mid tech start ups.

Our Philosophy

The repeated question I have asked about business growth over the years growth "Art" or is it "Science"?

Management educators mostly believe it is science, subject to analysis, measurement, quantification. The logical conclusion therefore is that anyone can learn it.

As an entrepreneur, I've always felt it was an art, something intrinsic to the individual but I knew that there were functions, that I needed to learn above my intuition, creativity and desire to be successful on my own.

Now the best conclusion I can draw is that it is both and can probably be described at its best as "Craft". It's that craft, which we bring to clients.

Art + Science = Craft

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