Beyond the Wood & Trees

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 Why Expand in France? 
Double the number the people who can access your products instantly.
Avoid the margin and relentless competitive pressure of the saturated UK market.
France offers new business regimes avoiding the shock tax and social charge surprises of the old regimes.
Being right on the border with Spain we can offer expansion opportunities there too.
 Difficulties & Risks?
Foreign Language & Culture
Different Laws & Regulations
Transport & Logistics Costs
Customer Service
Marketing & Promotion
Employment inflexibility
Now the majority of French people are owner occupiers &,
They have at last woken up to the value of investing in home improvements.
Sadly the products on offer here tend to be of poor quality and over-priced.
Internet consumer offers are about 5 to 8 years behind in France.
They're used to buying things that break quickly and fighting retailers to get refunds.
Marketing doesn't come easy to the French language.  
You don't have to employ French people now to operate a business that sells in France.
You really only have to take a look at the first few pages of Kingfisher's report to see that France offers enormous opportunities for UK companies in the home improvements market. A lot of what you will find in a Castorama and certainly a Brico Depot would not be acceptable in terms of quality and price mix to a UK customer in a B & Q store.
To find out where we see rapid expansion opportunities for the home market in France and find out how we can work with you to develop your offer affordably into France and Spain if that interests you, or to talk to us about cost effective market survey and feasiblity reporting.       

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